2020 Adjusted Schedule - Club/States/6 Man Team/Northeast Bass/Youth Day Fishing Schedule (Updated 3/31/20)


Date Day Location Time
April 25th
Saturday Cancelled due to Covid-19 Candlewood  7:00AM
May 16th Saturday Candlewood - Squantz Pond 7:30AM
May 30th Saturday Lillinonah- Steel Bridge
June 13th
Saturday Youth Day 8:00AM
June 20th
Saturday Saratoga - Camp Ground 6:00AM
June 21st  Saturday NY Federation - Lake Erie - Buffalo ?
July 18th Saturday CTC - Cayuga Lake ?
July 19th Sunday CTC - Cayuga Lake ?
July 25th Saturday Champlain - Monitor Bay 5:30AM 
July 26th
Saturday Champlain - Monitor Bay
Aug 8th Saturday Cayuga - Union Springs ? 6:00AM
Aug 9th Sunday Cayuga - Union Springs ? 6:00AM
Aug 16th Sunday NYS Federation - St. Lawrence River - Messina  ?
Sept 12th
Saturday Sacandaga - Broadlbin 6:30AM
Sept 13th Sunday Sacandaga - Broadlbin (ADDED NEW) 6:30 AM
Sept 20th Sunday NYS Federation - Cayuga Lake - Union Springs ? 
Sept 26th
Saturday Mohawk River - Scolharie Creek
Oct 17th
Saturday Hudson River (Newburgh) 7:00AM
Oct 24th Saturday Hudson River (Kingston) 7:00AM

2020 Hudson Valley Bass Masters Mid Week Open Tournament Schedule - Not affiliated with Black Rock Bass Busters

Date  Day Location  Time
April 22th Wednesday Lake Lillinonah - Steel Bridge 7:00AM
May 20th Wednesday Candlewood Lake - Squantz Pond 7:00AM
June 24th Wednesday Hudson River - Kingston    Ryder Park
July 22nd Wednesday  Saratoga - State Launch
August 19th Wednesday  Swinging Bridge 6:00AM
September 23rd Wednesday Mohawk - Lock 6
October 14th Wednesday Hudson River - Kingston Ryder Park
October 31st Saturday Hudson River - Kingston Ryder Park

2019 TBF of Connecticut Open Tournaments - Not affiliated with Black Rock Bass Busters

Please make sure you confirm the tournament schedule at the link below to ensure the dates have not changed.  I will check the link occasionally to see if anything changed but you need to ensure via TBF of Connecticut Link is verified for accuracy.


1. Candlewood Lake Sunday March 31st - Squantz Pond

2. Candlewood Lake Thursday May 2rd - Squantz Pond

3. Connecticut River Saturday June 1st - Hadam Meadows

4. Candlewood Lake Saturday June 8th - Squantz Pond

5. Candlewood Lake Saturday July 6th - Squantz Pond

6. Connecticut River Sunday July 14th - Haddam Meadows

7. Candlewood Lake Saturday August 18th - Squantz Pond

8. Candlewood Lake Saturday October 12th - Squantz Pond

9. Candlewood Lake Saturday November 10th - Squantz Pond

10. Candlewood Lake Saturday November 24th - Squantz Pond



Entry Fee $100.00 per boat - Optional Lunker Fee of $20.00 - Launch position by postmark of paid entry - TBF Open Rules apply - 75% Payout to 20% of the field

Applications are available on at http://www.ct-tbf.com/TBF%20of%20CT%20-%202018%20Entry%20Form%20-%20Open%20-%20Spring%20Opens.pdf


Tournament Director Amy Perry

Phone - 860-398-0215 Email - FRAM4TBF@sbcglobal.net