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New York State Black Bass Population Status

New York Black Bass Population Status
Latest study on the health, growth and well being of our Black Bass Population in NYS.

Subject: Special DEC report on Bass in NY

This report was done this year by a bunch of fishery experts including our friend Randy Jackson and many others in the field. My guess is that it was a result of two things....

1. A study of bass in New York had not been undertaken in 30 years.
2. Heightened awareness of the popularity of bass fishing in New York(bass is listed in repeated surveys of anglers as the #1 targeted species.) and of the constant actions of anglers and our members over the years in pushing the envelope for season modifications, water quality, invasives and public access.

This is a very technical study that I have gone over one time. I'll need to review it multiple times to get the full measure but briefly my take away is that the conclusions of the study validate that we have a healthy population of bass in the many waterways. The study looked at over 200 lakes and
New York Black Bass Population_ Status
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Change in the Regional Format National Championship For Non-Boaters

Today, Jon Stewart added a major format change in the Regional Format National Championship starting in 2016.   The change will affect the non-boater anglers.
Jon is adding a final day position in the BASS Nation Championship which will be the winning non-boater which is determined at the end of day two.   That non-boater winner will be given a boat to use and compete for the three Bassmaster Classic Spots on the final day of competition.
This is a small but important step in the process which will give the non-boaters a chance at the Classic.
Please relay this information to your members.

Fishing Ontario or Canadian Waters

1.  If you are only going to fish in Ontario for one day, they offer a one day license for $22.   You can not buy more than one but for that special single day event, this is a cost effective way to be legal. 
2.  The Canadian Charts and Nautical Publications Regulations require all pleasure vessels to have paper charts of the waters they are on IN THE VESSEL.    While the wording is somewhat vague, my personal knowledge of persons stopped and inspected in Canadian waters is that it is best to have the charts on your boat.   There are charts available from Waterproof Charts which provide the paper charts for the St. Lawrence River from Massena to Lake Ontario.   
3.  The call in system for fishing in Canadian waters is valid for fishing.   It requires everyone in the vessel to speak to the operator who will ask for your license number and for the captain will want the boat registry number.   It is easier to have that number written down as it is difficult to read when you are on the water.
As a safety precaution, it is advisable to have the best possible identification with  you on the water.   This includes a passport, an enhanced driver's license, a regular driver's license and/or birth certificate.   If for some reason, you boat has to enter Canada due to weather or a breakdown, you will need identification to enter.    Once you have entered Canada, you will have to report to U.S. Customs to re-enter the United States.   In both cases, the Customs Authorities need proper identification from you.  Failing to have it with you can make for a long day.
Understanding some of the rules and regulations in dealing with the Province of Ontario or Canadian Coast Guard will make your visits safe and enjoyable.