New 2020 Annual CT Boaters Aquatic Invasive Species Stamp for Boaters for Public Inland Water Use Needed

New for Connecticut.. AIS permit ..A yearly permit

All boaters resident $5 

Non residents is $20







One of the accomplishments of the 2019 Connecticut legislative session was Public Act 19-190, which established a dedicated funding source for the Connecticut Lakes, Rivers and Ponds Preservation account to combat aquatic invasive species (AIS) in Connecticut. Effective January 1, 2020 this account will be funded by an Aquatic Invasive Species fee.


For*vessels*registered in Connecticut:*this fee ($5.00) will be automatically included on the boat registration renewal fee (the*vessel*registration decal will serve as confirmation of the AIS fee payment).


For*vessels*registered in other states:*the fee ($20.00) must be paid prior to operating the*vessel*on inland waters in Connecticut. The non-resident*vessel*AIS fee can be paid in the same way that Connecticut fishing and hunting licenses are obtained, online at*, or in person at one of DEEP’s offices, a town hall that has opted to sell sportsmen’s licenses, or at a number of other vendors that sell fishing equipment. View*complete list of vendors*on the DEEP website or call DEEP Licensing and Revenue (860-424-3105) for the vendor list. There is no physical decal or stamp; when the AIS fee is paid, a line noting that you have paid the fee will added to your CT fishing license document that can be printed or downloaded to an electronic device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). While on inland waters you’ll need to have this document (hard copy or electronically) available on the*vessel. Note that this is an annual fee and is good for the calendar year.


All of your AIS fees will go into the Connecticut Lakes, Rivers and Ponds Preservation account and will be used for projects involving the restoration and rehabilitation of the state’s lakes, ponds and rivers; programs for the control and eradication of AIS and cyanobacteria; and education and outreach programs to promote AIS awareness and understanding.


My apologies.* My initial notice concerning a new Aquatic Invasive Species fee to operate a vessel failed to mention that the fee is annual (for non-residents it’s the calendar year, for residents it’s their boat registration period):







NYS & CT Boaters Guide & Safety Regulations

To be a Boater and Fish with the club in NYS or Connecticut you will need to equip your boat with the following minimum requirements.

  1. 3 night Time Flares
  2. Orange Daytime Distress Flag
  3. One Airhorn (Recommended)  or High Pitch Whistle
  4. An Anchor with at least 10 times the depth you are fishing typically (50 -70 ft minimum)
  5. One B-1 Type Fire Extinguisher for gas/oil fires.
  6. A throw-able Type IV Preserver Cushion accessible not locked with (50 ft rope minimum)
  7. Ignition Key Shutoff Lanyard
  8. Small First Aid Kit.
CT Boaters Guide & Safety Rules
CT Boatersguide.pdf
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NYS Boaters Guide & Safety Rules
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