NYS & CT Boaters Guide & Safety Regulations

To be a Boater and Fish with the club in NYS or Connecticut you will need to equip your boat with the following minimum requirements.

  1. 3 night Time Flares
  2. Orange Daytime Distress Flag
  3. One Airhorn (Recommended)  or High Pitch Whistle
  4. An Anchor with at least 10 times the depth you are fishing typically (50 -70 ft minimum)
  5. One B-1 Type Fire Extinguisher for gas/oil fires.
  6. A throw-able Type IV Preserver Cushion accessible not locked with (50 ft rope minimum)
  7. Ignition Key Shutoff Lanyard
  8. Small First Aid Kit.
CT Boaters Guide & Safety Rules
CT Boatersguide.pdf
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NYS Boaters Guide & Safety Rules
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